Dark Energy : Dark Matter : Dark Gravity

  • Publicado el 24 abr 2014
  • Dark energy and dark matter pervade the Universe.
    Professor Alan Heavens looks at how we find their properties and tests whether Einstein's gravity theory works in his inaugural lecture.
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  • decibelchild
    decibelchild Hace 6 años +2

    so i have a question, this "lensing" occurs from dark matter but wouldn't it occur just from the massive amounts of heat and energy?
    sorta like when you look above an open source of heat and watch the image get distorted and bent?

  • Frank Puffett
    Frank Puffett Hace 7 años +5

    Prof. Heavens on Cosmology, classic. Excellent lecture for the layman though, thank you prof.

  • Fernando Salazar
    Fernando Salazar Hace 6 años +5

    The slow build up to the joke about Einstein failing to predict an expanding universe (@11:30) is priceless. Great speaker.

  • The Luminous One
    The Luminous One Hace 7 años +1

    I know nothing, however - Is it not possible that what could be driving the expansion of the universe is 'dark energy' which is negative energy giving rise to negative pressure and the reverse of positive gravity, to then perhaps intuit that dark matter is negative matter (not anti-matter) which surrounds and supports positive matter galaxies? Nature always creates positive properties/aspects/identities with their respective negative counterparts does She not? Anyone?:)

  • eXtremeDR
    eXtremeDR Hace 8 años

    I miss the times when the earth was flat and carried around on the back of two giant turtles. Well, I hope it doesn't take 322 years again to accept new paradigms today.
    On March 23, 2006 - ESA did a series of remarkable experiments with a superconductive gyroscope:
    "Although just 100 millionths of the acceleration due to the Earth’s gravitational field, the measured field is a surprising one hundred million trillion times larger than Einstein’s General Relativity predicts."
    It's sad that Prof. Eric Laithwaite did not live to see that. He was on the right track with his gyroscope discoveries.
    Thanks for sharing this lecture.

    • eXtremeDR
      eXtremeDR Hace 7 años +1

      @Tony Spilotro Thousands zeros still equal zero. Most people just follow the herd but history shows that it's the individual who started a new way of thinking.
      Most people have absolute no clue what happened within the last decades in regards to knowledge, science and technology. Upon that there is a minority who are interested to keep all this away from the public because it endangers their position. Same story like usual, you know?
      Right now there is an army of hired servants who's job it is to direct the public to a predefined paradigm:
      YT: *Alan Watt - Standardized Society*
      Unfortunately, this plan includes extermination of billions of people and destruction of nature - all this just to keep control.
      So, what I'm talking about in regards of physics? Nothing that can be explained in the comment section but here's a start for those who want to learn:
      YT: *The End of Space and Time? - Professor Robbert Dijkgraaf*
      Science is an endless voyage of learning - it's not about truth, ever has been and never will be.

    • Tony Spilotro
      Tony Spilotro Hace 7 años

      @***** Also, why do you automatically believe anything anyone says in youtube videos, or the work of one science team with sensational ideas, while at the same time ignoring all the work by thousands of serious scientists? It doesn't make sense.

    • Tony Spilotro
      Tony Spilotro Hace 7 años

      @***** I don't know why you keep going on about the Tajmar experiment, that is almost certainly wrong. I remember reading about it in 2006, reading the paper, being interested in the possibility of there being some kind of extra London moment phenomenon, then later reading about their mistakes and poor experimental methods, the fact that their results are probably systematic errors and 'noise' and then dismissing their results that have never been repeated since.
      Tajmar and his team seem to have been biased due to their pseudoscientific interest in antigravity. Just another embarrassing episode in experimental physics.
      Why people still pay attention to mistakes and biased experiments is beyond me.
      NASA is funding research into possible warp drive technology (White-Juday). That does not mean they have any confidence in it's possibility. They are giving them the benefit of the doubt. I have zero confidence in a positive outcome, like most scientists do, but I support their attempts.

    • eXtremeDR
      eXtremeDR Hace 7 años

      @Tony Spilotro General relativity has become obsolete. Google: *ESA 2006 anti-gravity experiment*
      Physicians hate the infinity factor but that's what the universe is based on. Time is not linear, time is infinite possibilities - like super-position quantum state. That's why paradoxes like quantum-entanglement occur.
      If any factor of an equation is infinite than the possible results are infinite too. The laws of physics as we know are useless. See it as great opportunity to prevent this:
      YT: *Alan Watt - The Standardized Society*
      It's falling part before it even began.

    • Tony Spilotro
      Tony Spilotro Hace 7 años

      @***** You seem to be confused. Gravitomagnetism has been a part of theory for over 100 years, and frame-dragging (a gravitomagnetic effect of general relativity) has been confirmed to high accuracy by the Gravity B probe.
      Now, about Tajmar. Yes his experiments appear to have a much larger gravitomagnetic effect than that predicted, but most physicists reckon he is just not a very good experimentalist! His results have never been confirmed or repeated. I have an open mind and antigravity would be awesome, but I also
      don't believe anything I hear unless it's corroborated by a large majority of the scientific community! Not just a few biased experimentalists.
      Just because you don't understand anything about physics, does not mean that it is wrong. It means you haven't the necessary skills or critical thought.

  • Louis Cyphre
    Louis Cyphre Hace 8 años +1

    Dirac was convinced natures laws are beautiful, and Dirac revealed natures laws with beautiful equations. I agree with Dirac, Einsteins cosmological constant is an ugly equation and unlikely describing any part of this cosmos.

  • Roger Clough
    Roger Clough Hace 7 años +1

    That dark matter must be mental, according to platonic physics
    We know these facts and observations:
    1) Dark matter does not interact with most of the elementary particles, only through the mysterious gravity boson,
    which so far differs from the other bosons in that it has no corresponding physical particle.
    2) At the same time, we have deduced so far that gravity is unlike any other boson because it does not have a
    physical correspondent, making it, by default, mental. We might call gravity a mental boson.
    3) Since in platonic physics, all causation is mental, not physical, this presents no problem. If the
    object of gravity is physical (baryonic) , it has a monad, and we can visually observe the effect of gravity on the object.
    But if the object is non-physical (nonbaryonic) if may still have mass, as dark matter is deduced to have,
    and being mental could pass right through physical bodies, as dark matter does. Being a mental object
    which is nonmonadic, it is a Secondness which we class as an intended. It moves through an intention
    of Mind according to the pre-established harmony, mostly according to Newtonian gravity.
    4) Thus dark matter appears to be mental, not physical, and if this is so, mass would seem to be mental.
    5) If mass is mental, as the above suggests. this accords with the above observation that gravity is mental. The two are a mental dual.
    operating by Mind as thoughts are.
    Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (retired, 2000).
    See my Leibniz site: rclough@verizon.academia.edu/RogerClough
    For personal messages use rclough@verizon.net

  • Gerry Nightingale
    Gerry Nightingale Hace 8 años

    "All of the energy and matter that has existed still exists. Matter does not create energy
    of itself. The actions of matter enable energy to become manifest".

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis Hace 5 años +2

    As an alternative explanation for dark energy we have to assume that the universe is finite and bounded. Then the expansion of the universe is controlled and driven by expansion close to the boundary. The universe expanding as a finite sphere is expanding because, by increasing the radius of curvature of space the universe is moving to a lower energy state.
    The expansion of the universe is constrained by the tension in the fabric of spacetime and is therefore not fine tuned and is approximately constant with small variation depending on the distance from the centre of the universe.

  • Frostb09
    Frostb09 Hace 8 años +8

    The concentration of mass towards the galactic centre (supermassive black holes ect.) would cause time to slow down. yes/no? and the lower amounts of mass at the galactic fringe would allow time to move more quickly? could this cause the optical/temporal illusion of homogenous galactic rotation??

    • Tony Spilotro
      Tony Spilotro Hace 7 años

      Definitely not. The difference between time dilations in different parts of the galaxy is tiny, like billionths of a second.

    • Hjembrent Kent
      Hjembrent Kent Hace 8 años

      Exellent question, i think probably no because the 1/r^2 law. One over r squared force law. When you duble the distance, the force diminishes to a fourth of its strength. This applies to all known forces. So i would think the black hole would have to be large in comparison to the galaxy to make the outer spirals experience much less time dilation than the inner regions.
      Dark matter may be particles, but its also likely be that general relativity (gravity) needs modifying. The fact that einsteins gravity is not a quantum mechanical theory indicates that it is probably ultimately wrong. All other forces we know are fundamentally quantum mechanical, so we need a theory for quantum gravity for sure

    • MustardTiger
      MustardTiger Hace 8 años +1

      has this question been asked before any answers?
      yes it can happen: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_dilation

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha Hace 7 años

    Does Really Dark matter Exist? What Kind Of Matter Would It Be If It Does Exist?
    If the force of gravity of a matter equals to the other forces, then that matter would be invisible because it does not radiate energy. And any energy or object projected to it would be absorbed withe no radiation because of the strong gravity attraction is just a matter of moment
    Such matter if it does exist, it would be very large one something like a body equal to the size of the observable universe, because it pulls down any thing within its proximity.
    Because there is no space between particles of this matter it would be extremely dense.
    Such matter if it is spinning like the earth does, it would take really really long time to complete one revolution about its axis. So, it is always in there. Right?

  • Daniel Barrow
    Daniel Barrow Hace 8 años +1


  • h4hashir
    h4hashir Hace 7 años

    at 17:01. Like, what am I looking at? What is the difference between the three pictures that form a backward L? In all pictures, does do the darker shades represent dark matter and dark energy?

  • Leigh Edwards
    Leigh Edwards Hace 7 años +50

    Good but why not focus mainly on the slides instead of on the speaker?

  • imo j
    imo j Hace 8 años

    This is a hypothesis i have been considering. Black is a colour which is being omitted within the spectrum of light. Could it be possible that the unknown dark matter be black colourd light ?

    • Killing Frost
      Killing Frost Hace 7 años +1

      Black isn't being omitted from the light spectrum. It's the opposite of light - No light. In a different way, the opposite of sound is mute. You can't put "mute" on a soundwave chart, just like black isn't on a lightwave chart.
      Though I would love to see a black light star. That would be awesome.

    • Fish
      Fish Hace 7 años +2

      White is the sum of all colours, black is the absence of any kind of colour.
      So you are maybe suggesting an unkown kind of matter is emitting a light without any colour. Well, the kind of light we use to know uses to reflect on normal matter, but not on dark matter. So, I think it is rather unlikely that dark matter is just black coloured light, as if it would be any kind of light it would not have any mass. On the other hand, what would emit a kind of light without any colour in it, which has it's own gravity? Well, this is my opinion of your hypothesis. Thank you for your interest in science,

  • robkim55
    robkim55 Hace 8 años

    1 number 1 hello how are you? good lecture.

  • Bill Collinsworth
    Bill Collinsworth Hace 7 años +4

    I have a couple of questions about dark matter. Where is the dark matter? If dark matter was present within our solar system, wouldn't it affect our calculations of motion? Dark matter affects matter through gravitational attraction; does it attract itself as well like ordinary matter? Do we have dark planets, dark solar systems, dark stars, etc?

  • Morag Baxter
    Morag Baxter Hace 8 años +5

    this is very interesting

  • Steven Schrader
    Steven Schrader Hace 8 años +16

    Every time the theoretical scientists cannot explain something they come up with something "dark." Now it's Dark Gravity. There is no dark matter. No dark energy. No dark gravity. No big bang. No fusion. No black holes. No singularity.
    Nice mathematical equations that don't add up. Learn a little about Birkeland currents and things start to make sense. There's no need for all this "dark" stuff.

    • trouble with the curve
      trouble with the curve Hace 7 años +2

      @Tony Spilotro"the big bang theory keeps being validated with every new piece of evidence,if you know how to look for evidence." Prove it!

    • trouble with the curve
      trouble with the curve Hace 7 años

      @Tony Spilotro The 20th century called they what their big bang theory back!They called again, they what their comets are dirty ice balls theory back! That being the case,you have a lot of catching up to do. On the bright side you don't have to sell the ort cloud anymore!

    • trouble with the curve
      trouble with the curve Hace 7 años

      I could not have said it better .

    • Ronald de Rooij
      Ronald de Rooij Hace 7 años +14

      Dark only means that it does not interact with electromagnetism.

    • Steven Schrader
      Steven Schrader Hace 7 años +2

      @***** Here's an example of the silliness that lamestream "science" is conjuring up these days. www.space.com/27852-dark-energy-eating-dark-matter.html?fb_action_ids=535021276634439&fb_action_types=og.comments...
      Again, if you study Tesla and Halton Arp, then you will realize there is no need for the fantasies of dark matter, dark energy, dark gravity, gravitons, black holes, singularities, fusion, and dusty snowball comets. It's all out there for everyone to observe.

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha Hace 7 años

    If dark gravity were existing and if dark particles were passing our body then our weight would increase inormously making us ...you name it. Above all, the universe is not expanding then for what purpose do we theorize about existence of dark energy?

  • Two Way Universe
    Two Way Universe Hace 7 años +2

    Acceleration from fuel, is not from a rocket of Mass.. . .But rather, is an equal and opposite reaction from the outward thrust emissions.. . .Energy and momentum is the source for acceleration, and not mass.. . .And therefore never was any Dark Matter.. . .Because gravitation is an equal and opposite reaction from the continuous stimulated emissions as time unfolds C2 into the future.. . .Time is shorter at ones feet than at their head, thus objects just free fall towards the greatest energy compression contracting time and space compressing the wave amplitude +1=0 now -1 the shorter the expanding spiral wavelengths dividing acceleration away from its source in unison.. . .

  • David Ursiny
    David Ursiny Hace 7 años +1

    I will tell you the purpose of dark matter, its part of the material you need to construct protons, to even have a self sustaining hydrogen atom, to produce an hydrogen atom based atom universe, its a big picture deal how this fits the electric part universe, protons age constructed thru a electromagnetic process called magnetic induction, the matter of our universe is expanding thru a dark matter environment and the matter amassed in our universe has trillions of objects with rotating magnetic fields, this equals a induction environment, when this rotating field encounter dark matter it baths these particles, with charged particles.called electrons, they stick to dark matter which is a nuetral conductive particle, it forms a magnetic field on this dark matter particle that is attracted to another dark matter particle that's been charged to bond together to form a new proton,at this bonding it captures an electron to orbit it sealing the protons electromagnetic bond with a magnetic field bubble produced by the captured electron,to produce mechanically thru induction a self sustaining hydrogen atom, the proton consists of charged particles and dark matter holding those charged particles like a sub atomic capacitor sealed with a field bubble, that's the mechanical construction of hydrogen atoms, this leads us to the collection of dark matter in star cores, when atoms are taken apart in the cores from reaching their structural limits under pressure and heat, when an atom comes apart in the core it creates energy, as a nuclear energy those proton parts are not destroyed they return to their original status but super hot and radioactive, every atom that comes apart creates a set of super hot particles that are so hot they become a plasma, a plasma field of hot particles the dark matter in these protons can't escape the core either its blasted against the plasma chambers core walls over time this super hot radioactive dark matter piles up on the plasma chambers walls,and acts as an insulating containment wall to separate the fuel atoms in the core, this is good because the star will produce heavier atoms the older it gets that are way more volatile to fission than lighter atoms, when the star is older in the billions of years the plasma field is hotter from the heavier atoms getting in the core plasma field this heat expands the star and over a few billion more years the dark matter cores containment walls grow thinner with this expansion, this eventually leads to a breach where the plasma field escapes and lites up those heavy atoms around the core in an uncontrollable fission event that novas the star, this blows away the outer layers from iron on out to outer hydrogen atom layers off the star and leave the empty dark matter containment core to be compressed into a super hot radioactive ball of dark matter mass, in this new status that dark matter ball collects all those bot particles in the left in its area by gravity from its mass and they from a external orbiting plasma field of hot particles,(its new status is an inverted star core nuclear fission engine ) it collects electrons to construct a super magnetic field orbiting the plasma field the are held in that orbit by gravity of the dark matter mass and the strong attraction force of electrons and charged particles ha E to each other to join and make magnetic field lines of lined up electron train lines of force, this is the object in the center of every galaxy, because black holes do not exist but in imaginations, they are all dark matter masses constructed from star cores, and in 200 billion years when our galaxy is far far away from its family that dark matter mass will cool down the radioactive particles will decay and its heat will evaporate,but that dark matter mass won't, the super orbiting magnetic field in constructed will induct those cool dark matter mass into hydrogen gas atoms again to destroy that anchor mass in a big expansion of a big bang that releases the outer perimiter stars and planets and mini dark matter masses of our galaxy into an expanding ri g followed.by the new hydrogen gas atoms and the rest of the charged particles and dark matter from the central core to reseed a new environment to. Construct a new universe with the parts and processes of the old, that's the purpose of the most abundant parts of dark matter and dark masses

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha Hace 7 años

    Dark energy , dark matter:They don't exist.