How I learned to love laminin

  • Publicado el 12 abr 2011
  • Professor Hohenester has made it his career to understand laminin, the protein that holds together many of the tissues in the human body. For more information please visit

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  • Goodntag
    Goodntag Hace 10 años +10

    Laminin, extra cellular matrix, ECM, how cells know what to be - wonderful stuff

  • Debbie Davis
    Debbie Davis Hace 10 años +33

    Very good scientific view and glad the great creator was referred to in the fly, mouse etc slide. From an American Christian who loves know the Great Creator put it in me! Thank You God.

  • Man In The Middle
    Man In The Middle Hace 11 años +12

    we're laminin'..........and we hope you like laminin' too

  • reynaldo henera
    reynaldo henera Hace 9 años +6 me