Professor Stephen Hawking Q and A

  • Publicado el 20 oct 2016
  • Professor Stephen Hawking Q and A gave a live Q and A at Imperial College London on 17 October 2016
  • Ciencia y tecnologíaCiencia y tecnología

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  • Derpman Average Gamer
    Derpman Average Gamer Hace 5 años +264

    i love that even when hes one of the smartest people on earth and has lived so long with such a debilitating disease, he still has a sense of humor.

    • John Reed
      John Reed Hace 3 meses

      @FAST N BULBOUS Much wow. Bully target confirmed.

    • Rahul Dey
      Rahul Dey Hace un año

      How do you know he's answering .. lmfao

    • Nico Campos
      Nico Campos Hace un año

      I know that he can’t talk right away but he had to put the stuff on the computer so he could talk so yeah that’s about it every one

  • Gideon Hagan
    Gideon Hagan Hace un año +11

    Stephen Hawkings is one of the best scientists who has ever lived

  • Lava Untrated
    Lava Untrated Hace 5 años +191

    Prof. Hawking is truly an inspiration. I would've never found my passion for quantum mechanics and theoretical physics were it not for him.

  • Kartik Sinha
    Kartik Sinha Hace 5 años +3

    A great Q and A session with professor Hawking,loved his simple and accurate answers!

  • omar mohammed
    omar mohammed Hace 4 años +7

    All respect given to Stephen Hawking ...RIP

  • TerrorTubs
    TerrorTubs Hace 4 años +10

    RIP to one of the greatest minds and inspirations the world has ever seen.

  • gaming Tyagi
    gaming Tyagi Hace 4 años +6

    The legend never die r.i.p Stephen Hawking

  • Christopher Solorio
    Christopher Solorio Hace 4 años

    If a robot were to be built one day that would allow Stephen to sync his mind into it, that'd be incredible. He'd become immortal, so to speak, and have an extended role at life for the future. A mind like that is key to our survival as a species and tho there are like-minded astrophysicists like him, once this man passes he'll be gone forever. Syncing the mind of a person into a computer may be possible one day...maybe its being tested right now. But the question is, would he even consider it? *higherthoughts

  • Jan Oliver Jr Artuz
    Jan Oliver Jr Artuz Hace 4 años +1

    Rest in peace, professor. Your knowledge of the universe will be missed.

  • Beverlyhills71
    Beverlyhills71 Hace un año +3

    Rest in peace professor hawking, you are missed! :(

  • Charlie Lee Angel Blue
    Charlie Lee Angel Blue Hace 4 años +16

    R.I.P. 😭 You were a great person! Your wisdom has helped mold the future of discovery! Thank you!!

  • Maya Nandalall
    Maya Nandalall Hace 4 años +7

    Inspirational individual 😍

  • Cynz
    Cynz Hace 5 años +14

    Stephen Hawking is such a smart person yet he has a wonderful sense of humor that makes me laugh. Stephen is a wonderful person, and it is so horrible to see that Hawking has that illness.

    • Salty Salmon
      Salty Salmon Hace 5 años

      Bible Reader Just get over the fact that science can do something like this and not your fairytale boss who created everything. Btw they used the bible back there to explain things that were to hard to imagine for their time. Nowdays we don't need the bible anymore as much as back there because we have so much intelligence and creativity that we can explain things in a logic way.

  • Bento
    Bento Hace 4 años +14

    One of the most remarkable things about that man is that he could easily communicate with everyone from his home. But that he still took the effort of going to places and meeting people, exploring etc. It's probably kept him going for quite a few more years then would've otherwise been the case.

  • Akangkha Choudhury
    Akangkha Choudhury Hace 4 años

    i really salute him...he is one of greatest living legends ever

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall Hace 4 años

    Stephens is not dead he just went up to the pearly gates to give the angles up there a much needed lecture over computer , the universe, and of course the big bang. He also seemed willing to out with a big bang pun unintended. May god watch over this amazing man and may he be able to speak and move without the ail of disease, if he so chooses for years to come if so he wishes to. You will never be forgotten Mr.Hawkins

  • Shubham Raj
    Shubham Raj Hace 11 meses +1

    He was correct about gravitational waves!

  • Kwnwrestler
    Kwnwrestler Hace 3 años +2

    If you ever enter a black hole here on earth, cherish that moment, those encounters are hard to come by.

  • MrLady - Clash of Illuminati
    MrLady - Clash of Illuminati Hace 5 años +117

    This video was published in the day I turned 18 🙂 Dr Stephen Hawking is one of those individuals who really inspire me

  • diary of his: the adamant ₍ₘₑ₎

    Rest in piece Stephen Hawking, you'll be remembered for centuries, they say legends never die, but now I don't believe that phase.

  • jokerjokejoe
    jokerjokejoe Hace 8 meses +1

    I believe he is actually answering questions as much I believe we went to the moon in the late 60s

  • galmay healthcare
    galmay healthcare Hace 2 días

    Great questions and answers. The God Factor overides any scientific discoveries. True wisdom comes from God and not human knowledge. Rest on Prof.

  • Gideon Hagan
    Gideon Hagan Hace un año

    Stephen Hawkings was a physicist cosmologiest and a bit of a dreamer.

    EDWIN GALIH SAPUTRA Hace 9 meses

    All respect given to Stephen Hawking
    apakah black hole memiliki lintasan dengan pola tertentu? dan apakah mungkin black hole mempunyai potensi untuk membuka ruang dan waktu seperti halnya lubang cacing?
    terima kasih

  • Larsolini
    Larsolini Hace un año +17

    I feel so bad for him at 3:35... He’s cracking a pretty funny joke and not a single person gets it 😭

  • Ryan Hoag
    Ryan Hoag Hace 5 años

    The man in the wheelchair is Stephen Hawking... he has a rare early-onset slow-progressing form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neurone disease or Lou Gehrig's disease, that has gradually paralyzed him over the decades.

  • George Mitsainas
    George Mitsainas Hace 4 años +8

    rest in peace dr hawking

  • Boaz Moura Moura
    Boaz Moura Moura Hace 5 años

    Prophecy concordou, lindo o que vc disse. Isso mesmo!!!!

  • Naimul Haq
    Naimul Haq Hace 5 años +2

    He wants to be remembered for 'Hawking radiation', which is based on quantum fields. If everything is 'fields', how do you measure entropy?

  • papajones pizza
    papajones pizza Hace 4 años

    Why the hell would people dislike this??

  • fighter
    fighter Hace un año

    He is miracle

  • Boaz Moura Moura
    Boaz Moura Moura Hace 5 años

    Prophecy agreed, it's beautiful what you said. That's right !!!!

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf Hace 9 meses

    He was the best

  • Bob Billings
    Bob Billings Hace 4 años +3

    Dr. Hawking 1942-2018, your legacy will live on, may your atoms enter a new star formation cluster

  • RONY B.
    RONY B. Hace 4 años +1

    Great Human in whole world ❤💗💖

  • Nida Rasul
    Nida Rasul Hace 2 años

    I don't get a word of the physics he talked about but cool guy!

  • Fernando Melendez
    Fernando Melendez Hace 4 años

    he was a human and he believed in cosmos, so how can he believed in machines, how can he believed in A. I., at the end of his existence how can he talk trough artificial intelligence?

  • ANDy JK
    ANDy JK Hace 4 años +3

    and he died one day after my Birthday i will never forget this man.

  • A N
    A N Hace 5 años

    He has now reached the point where nothing is moving, not even his eyes are blinking.

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Cause I don't always understand him, but for the most part. Yeah I get it.

  • Minh Chiến Nguyễn
    Minh Chiến Nguyễn Hace 4 años

    I will miss him so much

  • Arm wrestling Pak
    Arm wrestling Pak Hace 4 años

    i am an electrical engineer and have one question that (we know that cell is unit of biotic things but we also know that cell is made of billions of atoms i want to know when every thing made of atoms then what is the major diffrence between biotic and abiotic but we also know that abiotics are made of atoms then how we can say that every things made of atoms but logically it is wrong because it can not show any diffrence between biotic and abiotic ................plz some body answer me this question if u did not give this question answer then i say that science is fail about this question....................

  • Jon Lowe
    Jon Lowe Hace 4 años

    I might be a bit late, but I'd like to ask, Stephen, are you prepared for a reality in which black holes and the science of black holes falls out of favour, in favour of a far simpler electric model of the universe? If that happens, what do you think we will lose scientifically?

    • Jon Lowe
      Jon Lowe Hace 19 días

      @Galaxee Thanks, early bird!
      New James Webb telescope's data seems already to have raised fundamental questions about the plausibility of the Big Bang Theory.

    • Galaxee
      Galaxee Hace un mes

      you were too late :(

  • Packert
    Packert Hace 4 años +2

    R.I.P Stephen Hawkins - A great mind has passed.

  • SSk 2002
    SSk 2002 Hace un año +1

    Mr.hawking was not a man he's a science.

  • Md. Sourov
    Md. Sourov Hace 5 años

    what a brain .I am fully shocked.

  • ILIA
    ILIA Hace 8 meses

    Nobody could explain, the outside of Universe.

  • Don Williams
    Don Williams Hace 5 años +2

    What if we exist within a super massive black hole that has swallowed all information in the universe? We would call that black hole God and all information would fractal and proliferate into infinity.

  • haha name go brrr
    haha name go brrr Hace 5 años

    Ask stephen this : "How is there an infinite amount of univerese in one space if our univese is infinite in size?"

  • Ranger Danger
    Ranger Danger Hace 4 años +1

    This guy would be the ultimate dungeon master in a dungeons and dragons campaign.

    • Alvin Leonardo
      Alvin Leonardo Hace 4 años

      Riktus Loremaster he's an Ultimate Boss in Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse, even he can stand up from his chair

  • Carlos
    Carlos Hace 4 años +6

    9:05 wow, great words
    2:35 i can't hear, does anyone know what Hawkings said

    • Ishpreet Kaur
      Ishpreet Kaur Hace 2 años +1

      that conputers have goals aligned with ours.

  • Kavya Shidenur
    Kavya Shidenur Hace 4 años +1

    l miss you sir great man of God

  • Daniel Hitchen
    Daniel Hitchen Hace 5 años +1

    Great ending

  • Logan sev Rye
    Logan sev Rye Hace 4 años +2

    With subtitles will be much easier to understand the concepts. Tku

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz Hace 5 años

    So we will never be able to remember the future because at least in our universe S=K logW rules . Did I hear that right?

  • L. Wheels
    L. Wheels  Hace 4 años

    Wow, his mind is as sharp as a tack.

  • SayyiDah PanjTani
    SayyiDah PanjTani Hace 4 años +1

    very speedy computer as it converts his thinking to the words like a speaking man

    • Thomas Bailey
      Thomas Bailey Hace un año +1

      @djk M He has a screen in front of him with an alphabet, numerals and punctuation. He can still move the muscle in his cheek -- you'll notice him twitching it slightly if you look closely -- which has a sensor attached. Each time he moves his cheek muscle, the sensor tells the computer to move to the next letter, number or symbol. Pausing for so long allows that valued to be entered into the database and, once he has formed the sentence he wants to say, the computer then uses the electronic voice to phonetically say whatever it is he has written.
      So a bit more complex than the computer "convert[ing] his thinking to the words".

    • djk M
      djk M Hace un año

      @Thomas Bailey well how does it work?

    • Thomas Bailey
      Thomas Bailey Hace 2 años

      That isn't exactly how it works. But I admit it is brilliant.

  • BonBon
    BonBon Hace un año +2

    I think someone’s Siri went off when he said “capacity” 🙂😂😅

  • Ethurean
    Ethurean Hace 4 años

    rest in peace

  • Teddy Walakulombus
    Teddy Walakulombus Hace 5 años +6

    Wouldn't it be something If aliens came here and were like show me your best human and they were like......
    ......... that's all you got? He can't even figure how to make himself walk. Then they touch him and he walks and talks. That'd be a fucking crazy day.

  • Ridley
    Ridley Hace 4 años +89

    Who’s watching after he died....😭

  • mr wrxstier stier
    mr wrxstier stier Hace 5 años

    wuld b happy if he are president cuz he smart

  • Chris B
    Chris B Hace 4 años +49

    R.I.P Mr.Hawking

    • I eat pancreas
      I eat pancreas Hace 2 años

      @Ryan A i honestly don't believe in specific gods at all. Like hindu gods, Jesus and all. I just believe in supernatural shit but not in God. Religion according to me just creates conflicts and more difference in beliefs of people

    • I eat pancreas
      I eat pancreas Hace 2 años

      @Ryan A heard of humor?

    • Ryan A
      Ryan A Hace 2 años

      @I eat pancreas you pray that GOD made things right with him??
      GOD made things right with every living soul 2000 years ago, by giving his only son for the entire world, I find it very odd that you would put GOD in quotations ;
      Hawkins was the perfect example, of intelligent people that puff up because of their intelligence;
      Atheist believe that everything came from nothing, which is scientifically impossible, it breaks the 2nd law of thermodynamics
      Creation didn't happen by itself, there is without a doubt an Intelligent designer creation proves that there's a creator , just as building proves that their was a builder
      Hebrews 3:4-6 King James Version (KJV)
      4 For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.
      5 And Moses verily was faithful in all his house, as a servant, for a testimony of those things which were to be spoken after;
      6 But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.

    • I eat pancreas
      I eat pancreas Hace 2 años

      @Ryan A i pray "god" made things right with him.

    • I eat your Mom last night9
      I eat your Mom last night9 Hace 4 años

      Yes he was Good man

  • Laurent Pascale
    Laurent Pascale Hace un año +1

    if i was in that audeince, i'd have a question for him:
    'Hi stepern - how fast can you go in that wheelchair?

  • Nemanja Vujičić
    Nemanja Vujičić Hace 4 años

    R.I.P proffesor

  • Gta5 playa
    Gta5 playa Hace 4 años

    Rip Steven

  • Elvis Garcia
    Elvis Garcia Hace 4 años +2

    Pres F for respect RIP

  • zoclipz
    zoclipz Hace 5 años +149

    The video starts at 0:00

    • Thomas Bailey
      Thomas Bailey Hace 2 años +1

      Congratulations. You have discovered both the concept of the Big Bang and Saint Thomas Aquinas' belief of Creation: that all things must have a point at which they are begun, the most very basic of all human beliefs. Well done, sir, I can tell there is a Nobel Prize for Theoretical Physics in store for you.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Hace 4 años

      Why Clipz You need Darvin award

    • Andy Barclay
      Andy Barclay Hace 4 años

      Why Clipz are you fucking kidding me?

    • Mighty Papyrus
      Mighty Papyrus Hace 4 años


    • IAN or EWAN
      IAN or EWAN Hace 4 años +2

      Thank god I was looking for that for ages

  • Cj Bh
    Cj Bh Hace un año

    He lived at least 3 times.... ALS....i like the handler..

  • pedro mayo torres
    pedro mayo torres Hace 3 años

    I thought in first question he was gonna say : No.

  • Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

    Well you wanted the Black Hawks professor.

  • Black Pepper
    Black Pepper Hace 5 años +2

    Wow, yeah, I mean, I would think Einstein won this one but it's almost 8 AM and hawking looks really comfy in there.
    Oops, wrong vid.

  • tata fiangort
    tata fiangort Hace 5 años +6

    8th comment... Stephen Hawking is such an inspiration

  • kev p
    kev p Hace 3 años +3

    I'm Watching This After He Died Already. :'-(

  • Jeffrey Lebowski
    Jeffrey Lebowski Hace 5 años +4

    He only survived this long with his PURE WILLPOWER

  • Detective Rigby
    Detective Rigby Hace un mes

    What did he just answer? You are just making people more confused.
    More jargons and more sophistication doesnt mean progress.
    What good does this make?

  • Atabeyli
    Atabeyli Hace 5 años


  • Marisol Ayala
    Marisol Ayala Hace 2 años +2

    This is so weird... I dont think that guy is really saying that

  • Mushroom Castle
    Mushroom Castle Hace 3 años

    Supposedly NASA is talking for him. ...

  • Jesse Steel
    Jesse Steel Hace 4 años

    So no wormholes.. great. now what do I do.

  • S T
    S T Hace un año

    They should have done like the movie "Chappie"

  • Shane Tomcheck Sr
    Shane Tomcheck Sr Hace 5 años +6

    Hawking sounds like he's from Wisconsin

  • hafeez balouch
    hafeez balouch Hace 2 años

    there is no god but Allah

  • Splitting Atoms
    Splitting Atoms Hace 3 años +1

    Probably someone controlling his voice box remotely, no way he's typing that himself

  • Mendicus Machli
    Mendicus Machli Hace 5 años +2

    How is he doing that?

    SYNONYME1_YTB Hace 4 años

    It's légende of science

  • TurkeyBoy55
    TurkeyBoy55 Hace 5 años +10

    how the hell stephen do that

    • Druth
      Druth Hace 4 años

      terrarian helper its fake

    • penis~
      penis~ Hace 5 años +2

      terrarian helper there is a sensor in his cheek and when he twiches it the computer voice synthesizer picks a word he wants to say and he picks the word he wants to say by twitching his cheek two times and thats how he scrolls through the voices and he clicks on the word twitching his cheek 3 times and the word he picked is spoken by the computer i think thats how he speaks.
      Please correct me if im wrong

    • alebone
      alebone Hace 5 años +8

      ... He's controlling a computer with his eyes and the twitch of his cheek. Don't listen to this "Bible Reader" guy..

  • Marcel Mehrtens
    Marcel Mehrtens Hace 5 años

    where coming stones from? "planets" when nothing was before....where coming all the "stones" from??

  • Cj Bh
    Cj Bh Hace un año

    This vegetable..haha...Yeah..he could talk i tell you.... hehe... one who cannot eat alone...yeah....sure he was smart....once before they gave him Als..the illusion must go on...

  • Alfredo Lopez
    Alfredo Lopez Hace 5 años +193

    what if he's dead but the computer took over his brain?.

    • Science Seeker
      Science Seeker Hace 4 años

      Hes died now

    • Ph4lip
      Ph4lip Hace 4 años

      Alfredo Lopez Then how can he smile?

    • Lunatic
      Lunatic Hace 4 años

      Alfredo Lopez it would be an amazing twist and very fucking scary.

    • Jonas Kvietkauskas
      Jonas Kvietkauskas Hace 4 años

      Mighty Papyrus Stop writing like that, it doesn't make you look smarter.

    • Ege Sevindi
      Ege Sevindi Hace 4 años

      HE DEAD. :(

  • robin roberts
    robin roberts Hace 4 años +2

    I never heard anything but theories come from him,we can all have them,bet someone made a lot of money out of this puppet show

  • OrphanPaper
    OrphanPaper Hace 6 años +4

    name some that don’t involve the hypothetical

  • Khalid Filat
    Khalid Filat Hace 5 años +1

    ستيفن إنسان عبقري في الغباء .نعم انه متكبر . ومتعجرف .ومتنكر لله (ملحد) وكافر بالله . مثل بقية الملحدين الكفرة الذين رأوا عظمة الوجود ولكنهم تغاضوا عن عظمة الموجد . راو عظمة المخلوقات ولم يعترفوا بعظمة الخالق العظيم رأوا هندسة الوجود المعقدة ولم يتكلموا عن مهندسه العظيم تكلموا عن الابداعات والعجائب التي شاهدوها ولم يتكلموا عن عظمة المبدع المدهشة االتي بنت هذا الكون الرحب الواسع . هم لم يتكلموا عن الكائنات الحية والأنفس ولم يتسالوا كيف خلقت للكائنات الحية والإنسان فنسوا ان يسألوا عن عظمة من خلقهم أحياء بعقول تختلف عن بقية المخلوقات درسوا الماده وسلوكها وتفاعلاتها وقوانين الفيزياء وهم لم يشاهدوا قانون الفيزياء بعيونهم هم كتبوه رياضيا برموز واحرف وأرقام لكنهم لم يتكلموا على من سن القانون واوجده لم يعرفوا كيف القانون يتفاعل مع الماده ويسيرها لانه هو عاجز ان يفهم ان يتكلم عن من خلقه فأصبح جسمه أيضا عاجز عن إيجاد حل في القوانين وفي العلاجات ليقول له الله أن الله وحده الذي يتحكم في الوجود ويتحكم بالقوانين ويستطيع ان يلغي القانون ويأتي بغيره. انخرست ألسنتهم . فلم يتكلموا شيء عن الله الخالق العظيم .
    لم يرى العالم ستيفن هوكنيغ ولم نرى معه ولا السابقين ان اللاشيء يصنع شيء .واذا قانون نيوتن الفيزيائي ينص على :( أن الجسم يبقى في حالة سكون مالم تؤثر به قوة تحركه من مكانه ). فالأرض والمجموعه الشمسية ليست في حالة سكون والمجرات والنجوم التي في الكون ليست في حاله سكون لذا هناك قوة عظيمه وهائله أقوى من الكون وهي قوة من اوجده وخلقه وسيره . واذا العلماء توصلوا ان المكان والزمان قبل وجود الكون لم يكن شيء . وفي الكتب المقدسة ورسائل الله للبشر كان هناك الله الأزلي ولا شيء معه قبل خلق الكون . واذا الله خلق جسيم صغير متناهي في الصغر يحتوى على جميع عناصر الكون في النجوم والمجرات وفي المجموعه الشمسية وهذا الانفجار الكبير والعظيم كان مدوي ليخلق الله منه المكان والزمان والمادة . وهنا نقطة البدء في بدء وجود الكون وبعدها تشكل الكون الزمان والمكان والماده في سلوك منتظم و ارتباطات بين مكونات الوجود ( وهذا ما سطرته الله لنا في القرآن (او لو لم ير الذين كفروا أن السماوات والأرض كانتا رتقا ففقتقناهما وجعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي) اي بداية بدء الكون وحصول الانفجار الأول والذي كان بعدها مكون السماء دخان ومن سديم ودخان السماء شكل الأرض الكواكب والسياره من دخان السماء ممتزجين مع بعضهما (ثم استوى الى السماء وهي دخان فقال لها وللأرض ائتيا طوعا او كرها قاتلا طائعين) ثم الأرض من دخان السماء والمجموعة الشمسيه ثم توجه الله إلى السماء التي فيها المجموعه الشمسية ليجعلها سبع سموات ومن الأراضين مثلهن .
    الم يتوصلوا علماء الكون ان الكون في حالة تمدد وتوسع بدون توقف والله في القرآن يتكلم معهم عن الوجود (والسماء بنيناها بايد وانا لموسعون ) الم يتكلموا ان هذا الكون ويقولوا ان لهذا الكون نهايه الم يقل الله لهم (اذا الشمس كورت . واذا النجوم انكدرت)( إذا السماء انغطرت . واذا الكواكب انتثرت. واذا البحار فجرت .واذا القبور بعثرت)
    ان الله يتعامل مع هذ العالم الملحد ستيفن ويحعله ينهار شيئا فشيئا حتى أصبح غير قادر على الكلام بفمه ولسانه حتى يدرك انه يشبه نجم عظيم لامع في فترة زمنيه وبمرور الزمن شاخ النجم واقترب من الموت ومقبرة النجوم هي الثقوب السوداء التي تتحلل فيها مادة النجم وتفنى . وهذا الإنسان ينهار ويضعف شيئا فشيئا حتى يصل الموت الى دماغه الذي أنكر خالقه فيه ليدخل القبر الحفرة السوداء المظلمه ويتحلل ويفنى فيها كما فنيت النجوم الميته في الثقوب السوداء ولن يبقى له أثر .
    هذا الإنسان ستيفن لم يستفيد من حياته ومن علمه اي شيء .لم يفسر لنا الكون ولم يفسر انضباط وترابط الكون بشكل منتظم . ولم يتكلم عن القوه التي نظمته وتضبطه وتجعله في حالة اتزان حتى لا ينهار . اذ بعد هذا العمر خرج من الحياة بنيجة الشيطان لم يؤمن بما قاله . وقال :أننا لسنا بحاجه إلى الله ليفسر الكون لأن قانون الجاذبية وعلوم الفيزياء عندنا . وهل الله عالم تنتظر انه يفسر لك الكون . ان المطلوب منك أن تقول أن الذي أوجد وخلق الكون العظيم والقوانين العلمية والفيزيائيه العظيمه والكائنات العظيمه هو الله العظيم ولا أحد غيره . فاذا الشيطان لم ينكر الله ويؤمن بوجود الله . لكن هذا الانسان انكر الله وجود الله . وهذا النوع من الناس الذين وصف الله كفرهم بقولهم (وقالوا ما هي الا حياتنا الدنيا نموت ونحيا وما يهلكنا إلا الدهر وما لهم بذلك من علم ان هم الا يظنون)
    واذا مات هذا الإنسان ولم يعلن حقيقة من ا وجد الوجود فجولته وحياته خساره في الدنيا والآخرة فذلك هو الخسران المبين. واذا هو هو يدعي أن الكون العظيم الرحب الواسع المسير والذي يسير بانضباط وانتظام .ليس من يحركه . يا ليته يعلم رسالة الله له بأنك مفكر عبقري وعالم فيزياء وباحث كما يدعي وهو عاجز عن الحركة وعاجز ينتقل بدون قوة ومساعدة الآخرين وغير قادر على أن يحرك كرسيه من مكان لمكان ويدخل الحمام وينظف نفسه ويشرب بدون الحاجه للآخرين . ليعلم ان الكون والمجرات عاجزة مثله دون أن يحركها الله بأمره وقانونه وكلامه .فكما أنت ستيفن في الحياة الدنيا لم تخلق نفسك ووانت عاجز عن الحركه بدون الآخرين فكذلك الكون والمجرات والنجوم والمجموعة الشمسيه لم تخلق نفسها وهي عاجزة عن الحركه قوة الدافع والمحرك لها الله وقوه الله في حفظ الكون أكثر من 13مليار سنه حتى لا يختل ويصبح به فوضى عارمه وينهار ويتفجر بسب الاصطدامات العشوائيه ..

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    My question is: Curiosity killed the (Schredinger's) cat. True or false ?

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    LETMEINGUYS Hace un año

    He had to answer questions by typing when his facial muscles allowed him to and some people are worried about keeping up with the Joneses??? People need to be grateful they get to see the sun rise another day.

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    RIP :(

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    How much does it cost me to buy time?

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    U know wht I need captions

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    ESclips "We are being modified for the smart grid" this is a video by Max Igan. Very worrying.