Molecular Cooking is Cooking: Molecular Gastronomy is a Scientific Activity

  • Publicado el 6 dic 2009
  • If you have ever been surprised and impressed by an unusual serving of emulsion, a helping of frothy foam, or a plate of frozen gases as your meal, the chances are that Herve This and his gastronomic research will be behind them. For more information please visit

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  • Pepper S.
    Pepper S. Hace 12 años +1

    I cook since forever, but never thought how scientific it is actually. Amazing lecture, great personality.

  • kbandyo99
    kbandyo99 Hace 10 años +1

    This guy needs a regular TV show. Awesome!

  • D K
    D K Hace 11 años

    Замечательная лекция!Так бы весь курс бы и прослушал! Spectacular one!

  • CarbonSuit
    CarbonSuit Hace 11 años +2

    "if it is built it is beautiful" thats an amazing comment on cooking. i cant tell you how inspirational i have found this video. i am forever in your debt.

  • Raphael Colin
    Raphael Colin Hace 11 años

    Excellent speech with passion and humour !!!!! I wish 3 lives for Hervé THIS !!!!

  • schelinx
    schelinx Hace 11 años +1

    I wish someday I can attend Dr This' lecture

  • eXtremeDR
    eXtremeDR Hace 6 años

    In the end its always about energy transformation. Maybe there is a way to skip the chemical process entirely and feed our body directly with the required form of energy?

  • TommyL
    TommyL Hace 9 años +1

    Yes, of course! This is the amazing Hervé This :)

  • Bill Maher
    Bill Maher Hace 12 años

    super lecture. would love him to lecture at my collage

  • LloydieP
    LloydieP Hace 10 años +1

    This guy is brilliant!

  • Palmi Ragnarsson
    Palmi Ragnarsson Hace 9 años +1

    Peel the Tomato, cut them in quarters, remove the seeds and cook the red (skin) that you have left. Mix in a blender! put the puré back on the stove and bring up to a boil, add Gelantin or Agar Agar and let it melt in the mixture/puré. put on a sheet of (baking paper) and cool down.
    (could also just use crushed tomatos in a can that you mix to make things faster)

  • YoAddicts
    YoAddicts Hace 8 años +1

    I also agree when he said "there is no applied science". If you want applied science, go study engineering. In terms of colloidal chemistry, I think it would be interesting if someone could find out where the Hamaker's constants come from in DLVO's theory (van der Waals & Electrical double layer). I think there is much more that meets the eye in the origin of the Hamaker's constant. Furthermore, there are also many other molecular forces to account for in processes, be it in cooking or industrial manufacturing processes.

  • Koto Nizna
    Koto Nizna Hace 10 años +1

    Weird, i started watching this video at 3:23am too and thought i would watch a little but i ended up finishing the whole lecture. haha.

  • Javier Argote
    Javier Argote Hace 12 años

    Herve This is GREAT!!

  • Harry Berwick
    Harry Berwick Hace 9 años +1

    how does one make the tomato sheets?

  • MrHonordeath
    MrHonordeath Hace 10 años

    It actually was more of a joke. And, if you go hardcore, there is no colors at all. Only small injections on surfaces that reflect light differently.

  • Arnoldio
    Arnoldio Hace 10 años

    Fucking brilliant. If only we would have teachers who would be like that all the time... with french accent.

  • nefeli94imagination
    nefeli94imagination Hace 12 años

    @100trueneutral i think it constitutes molecular cooking

  • wartodful
    wartodful Hace 10 años +1

    I had the chance to see him at Agro Paristech nice speaker ! =D

  • logatome
    logatome Hace 9 años

    21:50 "oh put.." that cracked me up XD

  • Academician100
    Academician100 Hace 11 años

    £$&# Gordon Ramsey, *this* guy is knows his way around a kitchen!

  • Francesco Anastasio
    Francesco Anastasio Hace 5 años

    is ethanol edible? sorry I'm not a chemist but a cook

  • vivi028
    vivi028 Hace 10 años +1

    egg white since when its cooked it turns white :-| i hope he was sarcastic

  • maywora
    maywora Hace 9 años

    does anyone know what his name is ? ^_^

  • Adonis Mavrotas
    Adonis Mavrotas Hace 7 años +1

    you could also call Molecular Gastronomy "The useless side of Chemistry"

    • Adonis Mavrotas
      Adonis Mavrotas Hace 7 años

      @Lebronze James and dont say its not useless because he said its cooking, making a sandwich is cooking but you wont go to a michelen star awarded restaurant and expect a sandwich or expect them to cook in molecular gastronomy taking them a bizillion hours to complete your course. Any processing of food is cooking but not all of it is appliable to actually use in a restaurant

  • Ps C
    Ps C Hace 11 años

    Thats not cooking