Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River 1975

  • Publicado el 17 nov 2012
    The wonders of magnetism and the linear motor are captured in this 1975 presentation by Professor Eric Laithwaite (1921-1997) former Professor of Heavy Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London.
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    RUFUS Hace 7 años +5113

    This man was brilliant. It is nothing more than a travesty, shame, and absoloute ignorance from the British and worldwide establishment to turn their backs on this man, when he developed the gyro. He gave so much to the world of science, physics, mathematics, engineering, etc. and the disrespect he received was (and still is) nothing short of a travesty.

    • Yogesh X
      Yogesh X Hace 6 años +300

      +HomicideHenry totally. The father of maglev

  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym Hace 8 años +3079

    Absolutely one of the best videos on youtube. So instructional and entertaining. Not only is what he showing visually astounding, but his explanation is perfect for anyone at any level. This would be a godsend for a science teacher. (which I am).

  • Kevin Jiang
    Kevin Jiang Hace un año +158

    I'm an electrical engineer in my mid-20s. I sincerely wish I could've met and taken a course from this professor. He did a great job of building up from a physics principle to an engineering application. Only wish I could hear him explain how he understands electricity and magnetism.

  • DaSheeK407
    DaSheeK407 Hace 9 años +1053

    Wow i wish i had a teacher like this when i was in school. Great demonstrations.

  • Simon Cox
    Simon Cox Hace 9 años +580

    Such a shame this technology hasn't yet found its place in everyday transportation. Huge respect for Mr Laithwaite and his work.

    • Elischa Rützler
      Elischa Rützler Hace un año +32 need more power and metal do do it. It's only a solution for high speed traveling no matter the cost. (i know it's 7 years)

  • Colonial Rebel
    Colonial Rebel Hace un año +99

    The amount of engineering just to make these tests possible is amazing.

  • non
    non Hace un año +79

    Man I was born in 1975 and over 40 now, and this is still amazing and innovative after all these years. Thank you for the video very informative and educational learned a lot

  • Vivek
    Vivek Hace un año +505

    Year 2021 Still its amazing!!! Being an Engineer i never seen any of my professors taught me like he did he is truly a genius

  • Screww Googlle
    Screww Googlle Hace 9 años +497

    I love the way this gentleman teaches !

  • eg
    eg Hace un año +54

    I like this kind of explanations - straight to the point and still entertaining by phenomenon itself and not by the fuss around it.
    An about phenomena - If I remember correctly - no mention about this kind of stuff of magnetism in school or university while this videotape is older than me. And mechanical model of the wave carrying object is amazing too.

  • Hoppy and His Holiday Helpers

    this guy is way cooler than Bill Nye. He makes me want to build a crystal radio or something.
    he's just shooting sheets of metal around the room without any safety goggles.
    kids take notes

  • Scott Pederson
    Scott Pederson Hace 9 años +920

    Good ol' Barry...always the diligent assistant in Eric's demonstrations.

  • mpckelly91
    mpckelly91 Hace un año +60

    That was one of the most informative, coolest videos I’ve ever seen in my life

  • Manohar Rawat
    Manohar Rawat Hace un año +20

    Can we have such "Great Teachers" in this generation too?

  • liveuk
    liveuk Hace 7 años +836

    So cool how we can listen to our ancestors explain their discoveries image a video with Tesla explaining. God rest your Genius soul Eric

  • Perry Bakalos
    Perry Bakalos Hace un año +42

    a fantastic educational video from 1975 on early fundamental work in magnetic levitation linear motion

  • 1000frolly PhD
    1000frolly PhD Hace 8 años +2115

    This brilliant pioneering work on magnetic rivers is what is behind the 350km/hr maglev trains we now see in China.

    • Gene Lomas
      Gene Lomas Hace un año +30

      @RonJohn63 that's still more maglev trains than in Briton..

    • Cabbage Man
      Cabbage Man Hace un año +82

      So China gets the good hi-tech leading edge stuff we create, and we get the worthless trash products from China. And our transport system is still the shoddy shambles it is with a lick of paint.

  • Casper Ablij
    Casper Ablij Hace un año +110

    He is AMAZING at catching, very good hand eye coordination :D

  • DaSheeK407
    DaSheeK407 Hace 9 años +320

    Wow since 1975 someone had figured out this technology and look how long its taken to implement it. Magnets are the answer to the future.

  • szpetnyjan
    szpetnyjan Hace un año +67

    My God. The sheer wonder and feeling enlightenment. I am 34 and I feel I now understand current flow.

  • Rich Gille
    Rich Gille Hace un año +12

    Simply a very interesting video, great teacher 🙂

  • Ayoub Hassan Ramzi
    Ayoub Hassan Ramzi Hace un año +11

    What an amazing video of a scientific research.

  • George Coggins
    George Coggins Hace un año +49

    These videos are far superior in their ability to explain in comparison to Modern

  • Opened Mind
    Opened Mind Hace un año +77

    The sound the aluminum plate made asa it went over the coils. Reminded me of the light saber in Star Wars.

  • Z Szilagyi
    Z Szilagyi Hace un año +60

    This why I like You Tube because of content like this! Thank you!

  • omar Al Wareh
    omar Al Wareh Hace un año +17

    This is how science should be thought...

  • Driss DAIEF
    Driss DAIEF Hace un año +10

    Very instructive..and a good explications.. thanks ..

  • Amber Faith Lee
    Amber Faith Lee Hace un año +10

    Fabulous teacher about magnets.

  • JayBe Faulky
    JayBe Faulky Hace un año +36

    10:10 this explains visually how nothing really exists, just the 'movement' of a charge. interesting.

  • Prakash Jakhere
    Prakash Jakhere Hace un año +8

    So amazing!

  • ngc22072001
    ngc22072001 Hace 9 años +42

    Amazing Video Jason! Thanks a million!

  • Preston
    Preston Hace un año +11

    You’d expect this magnetic transportation to be widely used by now, but no:(

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Hace un año +9

    Excellent video!

  • Chuck J
    Chuck J Hace un año +5


  • Jon Kov
    Jon Kov Hace 7 años +262

    this guy knows magnets!

  • April Combs
    April Combs Hace un año +14

    I would love to recreate this for myself.

  • DXR
    DXR Hace un año +20

    A completely new highway and mass transporation system can be built with these principals and do away with the internal combustion engine.
    Turning highways into magnetic rivers and vehicles made of aluminum.
    No more traffic tickets.
    No more deaths.
    No more pollution.
    No more special interest.
    Just a real cool way to get from coast to coast, nation to nation, and literally costing us nothing for the magnetism and the ore, completely nature-made once labor builds the system. The rest is maintenance. A world where oil is not king.

  • iamh2ok9
    iamh2ok9 Hace 9 años +50

    An insight or eye opener, to the EVGRAY forum membership and many thanks to Josephine Seyer for posting it to US.

  • mr. MADRAS kirukal
    mr. MADRAS kirukal Hace un año +8

    Excellent thank you

  • Swagat Kumar Patel
    Swagat Kumar Patel Hace un año +13

    This man is the father of Hyperloop

  • Michael Wain
    Michael Wain Hace un año +17

    Marvellous, simply marvellous. I was unaware of him... obviously for the reasons stated below we as a species need to stop selling our progress for the sake of money making!

  • wothangclang
    wothangclang Hace un año +18

    I wonder if you can launch rocket with this application by building a ramp.
    We can atleast reduce half the fuel cost for launch by eliminating initial take of thruster burn

    NEL DA DAWN Hace un año +6

    very impressive

  • Raphaël Guardado
    Raphaël Guardado Hace un año +10

    Fascinating !

  • musikSkool
    musikSkool Hace un año +47

    The problem isn't technology, it is money. If people didn't demand to be the ones to make all the money from things like this, we would have magnetic levitating roads by now. Do you know why roads are so cheap? It is because no one holds the patent for tarmac and demands that anyone making it can't do it without paying him. Every time a new problem comes up in engineering, someone solves it and then patents it and increases the cost of anyone else building new things. Like if someone was trying to put in a road, and there was a fence in the way. Then someone came up with a new and novel way to remove large amounts of fence cheaply and quickly but wont let anyone else use his discovery unless they pay him a lot of money. The world we live in just chooses to do without, and in a few decades when the patent lifts, someone picks up the technology, and then discovers some other problem that needed to be solved, but the patent for that still exists, so he cant use that amazing technology without paying several different patent owners. We simply do not use the best technology or methods because someone, somewhere, demands us to pay them to build something with our own 2 hands. There must be a better way to guarantee inventors make money from their inventions, without holding the whole world back because they had a good idea slightly before everyone else. If someone else came up with a good way of removing fences without knowing about the work done before him, he can't even start a business removing fences because someone else knew before him. How does that make sense? You should only get paid for the work you do with your own hands, if you invent something on your own, keep it to yourself until you can make it and sell it. If someone else comes to the same conclusion you did, then what you discovered wasn't that special since they were able to find it too. Patents confuse things because you can claim they copied your patent, but if you kept it a secret then they didn't copy your patent, they understood what was happening and put 2 and 2 together for themselves. Why do we punish people for putting 2 and 2 together for themselves, then trying to sell 4 to people that want it, just because someone they never heard about was trying to sell 4's unsuccessfully for years? It seems like finding people who want a 4 is a harder problem than figuring out that 2 plus 2 equals 4. So the person that finds people that need something, then try to find that thing to give to them, is of more value than a person that finds things but can't find anyone that needs them.

  • Bobby Pham
    Bobby Pham Hace 9 años +32

    nicely said.

  • Don Carmichael
    Don Carmichael Hace un año +10

    He invented linear motor professor Eric Laithwaite .

  • SuperFinGuy
    SuperFinGuy Hace 8 años +28

    10:29 Something is moving horizontally but not the matter per se, what is moving along is the energy or a movement. A transverse wave, like an electromagnetic wave.

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts Hace un año +9

    a mile of this (that would be powerful enough to raise and move a person) would cost a fortune in copper alone. then there is the power consumption. Try putting a cart on wheels to see if the power would be better or worse. I suspect the cart would be way more efficient than to raise the same wieght (say 200 lbs.) and then move it while levitating it along for a mile.

  • DeezMistaReez
    DeezMistaReez Hace 8 años +22

    Can someone explain if we could do this very experiment with permanent magnets?

    • Joe Shmoe
      Joe Shmoe Hace un año +7

      It won't work the same. It actually CAN'T work the same.
      The trick with the electromagnets is the CHANGING magnetic field. This changing field, INDUCES a magnetic field in the aluminum that OPPOSES the field that created it, thus providing the repulsion and motion.
      As shown in the beginning, some of the effect is possible with permanent magnets, but the stability and control is not there.
      Electromagnets allow the strength, direction, and frequency of the field to be controlled to suit the application.

    • SuperFinGuy
      SuperFinGuy Hace 7 años +55

      What the professor is calling a traveling field is in other words an electromagnetic wave. As the magnetic field is waved it produces a current in the aluminium that in turn produces its own changing magnetic field that repels the initial field. That is why the thicker the aluminium the stronger the repulsion.

  • Burst Nibbler
    Burst Nibbler Hace 9 años +74


  • Horus
    Horus Hace un año +4

    Instead of using a secondary coil to create a stable
    levitation build that into the aluminium plate,
    instead of one plate use a plate of half thickness and have two of them,
    then cut them in half, now place two halves together then place the other
    halves on top with joints facing opposite directs so joint layers form a cross, not sure how you would secure them together, maybe glues or maybe a weld around the circumference, not sure if that will effect it but
    i believe it wont.

  • Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.

    The sciences are desd in america. Had i been shown this in 3rd grade it would have changed my life

  • needsomehike
    needsomehike Hace un año +6

    if alu is non magnetic how its electrons engaged with the electro-magnetic field generated by the electromagnet to make the lift?

  • Chenyang Cao
    Chenyang Cao Hace un año +10

    Great video i have never seen~

  • Ryan
    Ryan Hace 8 años +121

    So... many... concepts...
    EE student here. First time seeing this vidya. I couldn't help but try to use Maxwell's Equations in my head (the concepts, really) to try and explain what was going on. But I couldn't keep up, so I just enjoyed the ride.
    Side note: anyone else think Barry looked pissed the whole time?

  • Kris Jax
    Kris Jax Hace un año +17

    Best 18min I ever spent on YT

  • jdessell
    jdessell Hace un año +81

    Academia should focus on teaching children things like this instead of how to hate the country they live in.

  • Tanja
    Tanja Hace un año +13

    Of all the people since then playing with magnets and we're still non the wiser of them.

  • Jerico Parazo
    Jerico Parazo Hace 6 años +200

    has any one tried putting ferrofuid into a travellimg field?

  • Tranquil Kaos
    Tranquil Kaos Hace 9 años +73

    The magnetism is normal. It is just the general perception of magnetism that is incorrect.

  • Dale Dupont
    Dale Dupont Hace un año +4

    Thanks much!

    SDSURFERS Hace un año +11

    I wonder if you could power a car this way

  • eXtremeDR
    eXtremeDR Hace 9 años +55

    Wonder what happens at higher frequencies of alternating current?

    • eXtremeDR
      eXtremeDR Hace 8 años +23

      @Daniel Daza Thank you. And what will happen if the coils are superconductive?
      Like google: *ESA 2006 experiment*

    • Daniel Daza
      Daniel Daza Hace 8 años +60

      At some point, the traveling magnetic field will increase its speed. However, at even higher frequencies, the coils impedance will increase, thus decreasing the current and the lifting capacity.

  • Hardy Spicer
    Hardy Spicer Hace 8 años +47

    Used a lot now in maglev trains

  • Velha Guarda Tricolor
    Velha Guarda Tricolor Hace un año +11

    The CAR industry made sure this will never be used for transport.

  • Alex Caesar
    Alex Caesar Hace un año +1

    There is no ignorance there is just bad teacher

  • Atik Faysal Fardin
    Atik Faysal Fardin Hace un año +4


  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop Hace un año +5

    Makes great trains and ever better guns

  • inigo
    inigo Hace 9 años +367

    Who is Barry? We need to know!

  • bluemeaniemean
    bluemeaniemean Hace 9 años +12

    so this is not normal magnetism?

  • karim shaik
    karim shaik Hace un año +5

    why this is not in my school

  • AfroMan2111
    AfroMan2111 Hace 9 años +104

    and so.. none of these applications have been implemented to society why?

  • Devil Dawg
    Devil Dawg Hace un año +4

    I can't believe I watched the whole video. :/

  • B Ty
    B Ty Hace un año +6


  • Gerry Schiffino
    Gerry Schiffino Hace 9 años +79

    Is it wrong that I'm only watching this to help me sleep?

  • Daniel Guevara
    Daniel Guevara Hace 6 años +23


  • notfiveo
    notfiveo Hace un año +6

    Nothing repulsing about this video.

  • problemaccount
    problemaccount Hace 9 años +351

    railgun anyone..?

  • boltar2003
    boltar2003 Hace 6 años +202

    Nice to see a lecturer and his assistant wearing suits. These days they'd be hard to differential from the students with their scruffy just fallen out of bed look.

  • Sallie
    Sallie Hace un año +6

    That’s how the earth works. North and South Pole. We are one big electrical gen z 🪐 thank you the 9 kings of the universe for opening my third eye and revealing this video to me