The Forces of Induction - 1969

  • Publicado el 1 mar 2015
    This is one of several films made at Imperial College London in conjunction with ICI. The entire film, except for a short end sequence, was shot in the laboratory of Professor Eric Laithwaite at Imperial College London. This is one of many examples demonstrating electromagnetic forces and in particular the linear induction motor for which Eric Laithwaite was famous. Many of what he called his 'toys' are seen, these are models that help demonstrate the concepts and forces of electromagnetic induction etc.
    This was currently the best transfer from 16mm film that we had of this unique engineer in his 'work place', but for a better quality version please now go here:ídeo.html
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  • Joey Bazooka
    Joey Bazooka Hace un año +51

    one of the main things i like about old educational videos . there is no loud annoying childish music, and the videos bouncing from frame to frame with even more annoying noises. these videos are calm and quiet... just the noises of the project

  • foobargorch
    foobargorch Hace 7 años +71

    Great demonstration!
    I wonder why it is that to scientific media in recent years tends to resort to graphical analogies that look flashy (that's easy, it looks cool) but then they completely neglect the actual tangible physical effects...

  • Neueregel
    Neueregel Hace 7 años +71

    Prof. Eric Laithwaite = the father of MagLev train. Respect!

  • pantsy cat
    pantsy cat Hace un año +12

    This is the best .