Megaflood: how Britain became an island

  • Publicado el 10 jul 2012
  • Dr Jenny Collier from the Department of Earth Science and Engineering gives a talk showing how a catastrophic megaflood separated Britain from France hundreds of thousands of years ago, changing the course of British history. For more information please visit

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  • Frank Tompson
    Frank Tompson Hace 9 años +20

    Although slightly tricky to follow in a few places you certainly get the drift, thanks.

  • Rippedflesh 69
    Rippedflesh 69 Hace 7 años +10


  • tacfoley
    tacfoley Hace 8 años +74

    What of all the evidence that shows that Doggerland was still in existence until the end of the last glacial melt? That is only ca 10,000 years ago or so.

    • citizenschallengeYT
      citizenschallengeYT Hace 7 años +19

      @tacfoley Great question, particularly since at 34:00 it looks as though the lake is right where Doggerland was. It's not that I'm doubting the evidence she's presented, just that there must be more to this story.

  • Chris Spence
    Chris Spence Hace 7 años +13

    not too sure yet more research to be done before i am happy with the

  • yummydeliciousmagic
    yummydeliciousmagic Hace 9 años +7