3D printing graphene parts

  • Publicado el 11 feb 2015
  • Dr Esther Garcia Tunon Blanca, from the Department of Materials, demonstrates in a video a new method for printing miniature components made from a graphene paste she and her colleagues have developed.
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  • eXtremeDR
    eXtremeDR Hace 7 años +8

    When will we see 3D printing/manipulation at molecule or atom level at room temperature? Imagine the possibilities!

    • eXtremeDR
      eXtremeDR Hace 6 años

      @lancemichael gubat Not bad but it doesn't create matter of light. They use PolyJet-Materials - synthetic resins which can combined to get certain properties.
      Matter from energy is the only acceptable technology and the way to go.
      This will be a real game changer.

    • FroztByte's YoutubeAlt
      FroztByte's YoutubeAlt Hace 6 años

      @*****​ the 3d printer is already a reality that's why its called the connex 3 cos theirs already a connex 1 and 2
      And it’s for sale at a price of $300 000.

    • Quantum
      Quantum Hace 7 años +1

      Making hexagon shaped caliber 50 proof materials, blast proof etc?

  • essence 423
    essence 423 Hace 7 años

    is it stronger then Carbo-Nylon filament?

  • Antonio Serrano
    Antonio Serrano Hace 7 años +6

    Very good, Esther.

  • Roo63
    Roo63 Hace 7 años +3

    Would be fantastic if, very soon, a full denture, 3D moulded, perfectly to the shape of the patient's mouth for comfort & simple to keep clean. Can be quickly made & available to all.
    The patient's stem cells incorperated into the mix, for acceptance by the body, in the case of implants? I haven't a clue tbh. Just an idea that's probably already being worked on?
    But... No more lobs of plastic that can take a good bit of getting used too & often making you feel physically sick with the thick span of plastic across the roof of the mouth. Imagine simply putting in the top or bottom of your mouth before you go out for the night. :D
    Oops! Sorry, that was in a dream without money. lol
    Great vid., nicely presented. Thanks :D

    • Thomas Anderson
      Thomas Anderson Hace 6 años

      +Roo63 you should look into LIPUS tech for getting the body to regenerate parts of a damaged tooth or growing whole new teeth. I am in the process of getting all the parts I need to build my own LIPUS device
      (Low Intensity Pulsed Ultra Sound) Then someone would not even need the dentures at all. :)

  • Blacknaker
    Blacknaker Hace 7 años +1

    So I'm guessing the 3d printed parts are going to be very strong since it's printed with liquid graphene?

  • Gediminas
    Gediminas Hace 7 años +8

    Bicycle parts could be amazingly lightweight and strong with graphene.

  • Delhi Technology Club
    Delhi Technology Club Hace 6 años +1


  • the bee's nuts
    the bee's nuts Hace 6 años +2

    Could a parachute be made from graphene?

  • Otto Cruz
    Otto Cruz Hace 7 años

    Ahh progress =]

  • Odnamra Serolf
    Odnamra Serolf Hace 7 años +2

    thunder is a sound, so it has protection against sound, big woop.

  • Scorch9722
    Scorch9722 Hace 7 años