Thermonuclear fusion versus Murphy's Law

  • Publicado el 26 mar 2014
  • Inaugural Lecture - Jeremy Chittenden, Professor of Plasma Physics and Co-director of the Centre for Inertial Fusion Studies in the Department of Physics, Imperial College London
    Nuclear fusion powers the stars and could be an almost inexhaustible source of clean, renewable energy on Earth. Are we getting close at last?
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  • richard reeves
    richard reeves Hace 7 años

    just a thought. have you considered using an array of truncated cones (made of wires) pointing to a central point instead of trying to make a perfect sphere? the wires may need to be tapered in such an arrangement or the energy introduced asymmetrically

  • Slyde InfinitySpinCasts

    So far I concur with a compressed round cylinder that equates the electrical field say through vostoks penetration with Antarctic depth, the relative nature of hexofluride around sulphur and how that would fall or relate , without a Kaman helo? to fly in the experimental 1- 2 meter casing the density is 12.34 kg. Although the subaquatic life would probably be more knowlegable about the subtlty of fibulating electrons across vast distances and harnessing in a deep sea station might also be a better way to fuse.
    Nowever maintaining such a platform, wow anyway the cube buoy was great, best part of the lecture.Pulsing at speed of light in small measures may also be a better ac generator and wouldnt need any implosive expense? still methods are myriad.

  • B B64
    B B64 Hace 7 años +1

    Once perfected this is the 'match' to ignite the proverbial fire. How to contain and maintain that fire for an extended period of time presumably brings a version of the Tokamak design into play.
    This design would need to allow a nominal amount of heat to dissipate to power a turbine without cooling the plasma too much. Many, many more man-hours and investment dollars need to be spent to make a production design proven to be both safe and cost effective.
    Scaling a fission nuclear sub reactor design up to what we have today was a fool hearty shortcut that has placed today's nuclear power industry into a stagnated state. Hopefully this mistake will not be taken for granted when large scale designs for fusion reactors are chosen.
    The long-short is that I fear I will be long dead before humanity sees the fruit of all this hard work.

  • Nathan Terry
    Nathan Terry Hace 7 años

    Thank You. I grew up in N.M. and know Sandia very well. Great Lecture.

  • slimshadow777
    slimshadow777 Hace 7 años

    seems to me the perturbations could be shaped of such a shape and size to cause a resonant slam in the center bringing energy levels up ,,,,,?

  • Two Way Universe
    Two Way Universe Hace 6 años

    Stimulated emission is a process by the way of which a higher energy quantum mechanical state of an atomic particle absorbing energy compression +1=0 now is being converted to a lower level -1 resulting in the production of light photon oscillations, or new electromagnetic wave vibrations dividing outward independent of the motion of their source's.. . .Therefore in the future its just light interacting with matter when the Higgs Bosons from Higgs field are really just these photon oscillations from all other matter spherically distributed around the particle now in 3D space, or electromagnetic wave vibrations multiplying ei inward from the Universe. . ..And the Sun is a million times larger than the Earth Murphy!!.. . .And therefore naturally has enough surrounding probabilistic implosive positive energy compression (contracting time and space) around the square of the Suns surrounding radius compressing the wave amplitude +1=0 now) and within the Sun multiplying ei inward +1=0 now -1 causing the atoms to break up into plasma occupying larger areas of space within the Sun +1=0 now -1 that constant explosive de-compression dividing expansion outward away from the Sun forms the inward force called gravity as time unfolds C2 into the future.. . .Takes about eight minutes to reach Earth.. . .Just as radio waves existing only as vibrating sine wavefronts of potential until we tune in a radio.. . .The Sun converts the "potential Energy" of the surrounding so called "Space" into the "Kinetic Energy" of Suns.. . .Which is a cyclical process!!

  • Johnny Guit
    Johnny Guit Hace 7 años

    To Colin Fraser: It will be so abundant, but you know as well as I do OUR energy prices are NEVER coming down! Maybe car fuel but maybe that won't either? + I just read that we'll use Ocean water and just 6 Litres of water will equal the energy in 1 ton of coal. We'll have enough clean energy to last for 100 Million years, give er take a few thousand yrs!!

  • Bigfatboko.
    Bigfatboko. Hace 7 años +3

    How do people get so smart ? Good lecture tho and I hope they get it sorted out.
    Mind you ,didn't they say "free power" with nuclear reactors.?

  • HappyHusbandn Wife
    HappyHusbandn Wife Hace 6 años +1

    Most intriguing

  • Reidh Beallagh
    Reidh Beallagh Hace 7 años

    Update, anything that can go wrong, already has gone wrong.

  • Michael Harrell
    Michael Harrell Hace 7 años

    Much to do about nothing. Hah!