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Professor Eric Laithwaite: Shaping Things to Come - 1972

  • Publicado el 25 abr 2013
    Professor Eric Laithwaite (1921-1997) of Imperial College London shows how a consideration of shape and size has had a profound effect on the design of electro-magnetic machines.
    This is one of a series of 16mm colour films made for schools. They were all made in Eric Laithwaite's "Heavy Electrical Laboratory" in the Electrical Engineering Department at Imperial College London.
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Comentarios • 17

    WØÑDËRÊR Hace un año +15

    he is like a lost gem.. everyone should watch these videos and feel the awe

  • DeezMistaReez
    DeezMistaReez Hace 8 años +27

    @WanderAbroad Control and obedience are what "they" want! Eric Laithwaite is an incredible inspiration to us all, and we need to adopt his ideas into our world as quickly as possible! Think about this simple system as an alternative to air travel or replacing our cars with automated rail cars within our cities and across entire states! Efficiency, speed, and safety would be quadrupled into our transportation system and our world would become even smaller and life would become so much easier. Imagine every semi truck being replaced and your UPS or FedEx package being delivered within hours instead of days and costing pennies instead of hundreds of dollars.

    • RonJohn63
      RonJohn63 Hace 7 años +7

      /Efficiency, speed, and safety would be quadrupled/
      No, it wouldn't.
      High speed railroad track needs to be too perfect for the real world of thermal expansion/contraction and shifting & sinking from ground movement. ("Regular" railroad cars are heavy enough, and sit on -- very heavy, naturally -- springs so as to well tolerate imperfection. Even so, railroad companies must constantly maintain them.)

    • WanderAbroad
      WanderAbroad Hace 8 años +16

      On a practical note your dead on. Even on a logical note. But there is another question you didn't ask. You stated pennies instead of hundreds of dollars. The question is, Yes you are paying, but the one on the receiving end of those hundreds of dollars - do you think they will give up their source of easy income? Were talking the fossil fuel industry. To release science like this would threaten not only hundreds of billions of dollars A DAY, but governments all over, who's primary power and financial income is from fossil fuel. This is not about conspiracy. It never was. It's about the money trail. ALWAYS the money trail. And if someone can profit off another man at his cost then they will even buy and sell slaves. Has the time of the slaves past? Nope, now its just polished up. So do I agree with you? Absolutely! Will it happen? Not till they find a way to make technology like this financially profitable.

  • PS Raju
    PS Raju Hace 7 años +110

    It will be a good idea to show it to our students for inspiration and appreciation .

  • clixbits
    clixbits Hace 8 años +103

    FAB video, the sound effects around the 10:30+ mark are, what can one say....Years ahead of themselves. 2 thumbs up!

    DEADASTRONAUTFX Hace 7 años +46

    simply brilliant....

  • YouVidium
    YouVidium Hace un año +7

    12:54 Made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a long time!

  • liveuk
    liveuk Hace 7 años +83

    Pure piratical Genius, Paper profs are no good to anyone they just know how to fill in the forms to get grants

  • gary H
    gary H Hace 6 años +12

    I'm quite surprized a British bloke hadn't come up with a working hover board long before the Back to the future series came out after watching this filmstrip!I think I did see a recent attempt that was no more advanced than that he wells device.😜

    PWBERRETT Hace un año +2

    Not bad but it can be improved
    Instead of the magnetic track being only on the bottom one can wrap it around into a tube with a tubular shaped craft in the centre. Then we can reverse the design so that instead of a metal tube passing through a tube of magnets we have a short tube of magnets passing through a metal tube. Next we suck the air out of the tube or at least reduce its air pressure to minimise air friction. Then we give it a kind of sexy new name and pretend it's s new invention. it's a bit hyped up and the tube forms a loop around the craft so let's call it a... Hmmm ummm ...Hyperloop!

  • 4 U
    4 U Hace un año

    Very good explanation of

  • thrunsalmighty
    thrunsalmighty Hace 8 años +39

    WOW. So Eric Laithwaite invented Maglev. And the Germans, Japanese and Chinese will be the ones to make money out of it.
    How splendid to see how the idea progressed and took a wrong turn.
    Let's hope HS2 is Maglev.

  • The spirit Of 76
    The spirit Of 76 Hace un año

    It seemed like it shouldn't matter how long your magnets I have to be as long as you got a motor that runs on no current and only requires voltage to run because it has no back current

  • Kenjamonster
    Kenjamonster Hace 9 años +34


  • WanderAbroad
    WanderAbroad Hace 9 años +101

    So well stated - modern science teaches us to not question, to not think outside the box. We are not taught to think, we are not taught to think logically and we are not taught to question the knowledge of our predecessors. In a scientific world that likes to avoid anything religious and rule out all concepts of a God, they do in fact the opposite. The knowledge of your teacher is final, without error and not to be questioned. It seems we've simply substituted one deity with another.