Colour footage of the Tacoma Narrows bridge

  • Publicado el 5 dic 2011
  • The original Tacoma Narrows Bridge opened on July 1, 1940. It received its nickname "Galloping Gertie" because of the vertical movement of the deck observed by construction workers during windy conditions. The bridge became known for its pitching deck, and collapsed into Puget Sound the morning of November 7, 1940, under high wind conditions.Includes and explanation of how and why it happened, and a solution. For more information please visit
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  • Ronald Bittner
    Ronald Bittner Hace 6 años +35

    First time i've ever seen footage of this bridge when it was operating "normally," so to speak. Have only ever seen footage of that final fateful day. Thank you

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby Hace 9 años +50

    I cannot BELIEVE they allowed cars on that thing! It's so unstable it looks like a piece of chewing gum.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby Hace 9 años +11

    I think I've heard 15 different theories as to why the bridge collapsed, and all of them are conflicting.

  • daveytn
    daveytn Hace 8 años +23

    Resonance frequency of the bridge, which was matched by the wind = this