These joints are made for walking


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  • Kylie Kingston
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    Actually came across this researching information for a discussion in my A&P class. Thank you for the information that helped me pass my assignment! :]

  • 1970bulldozer
    1970bulldozer Hace 10 años +1

    Thanks jonmatthis for the very nice point made. I know the work that you quote and there are many papers that clarify this point. The audience was extremely general and this is only one of very many simplifications that I made! With best wishes.

  • Jon Matthis
    Jon Matthis Hace 10 años

    Great talk, but at around 1:55, you say that "if we walked with straight legs, their COM would move up and down, which... is a waste of energy." In fact, the COM during walking DOES follow a regular up and down, sinusoidal path with each step. A person walking with straight legs mimics the dynamics of an inverted pendulum, which is energetically lossless. In fact, walking with a flat COM path costs MORE energy than walking with a sinusoidal one (See Kuo, Human Movement Science, 2007 for more).

  • Lisa Put
    Lisa Put Hace 8 años

    hello can you also please explain about the hip joints

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    Thanks for this insight

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    Mirza Sajid Hace 8 años

    Great Knowledge